The Paris Book Fair

From 03/22/2013 to 03/25/2013 at 00:00

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The Paris Book Fair 2013 The annual Salon du livre or Paris Book Fair is the number one meeting place for all book-worms and addicted page-turners, as well as industry professionals. The fair is itself a labyrinthine goldmine of new literature and leads the each visitor to take a very personal path, from one interest to another, like a stream of consciousness. Every year one country is honoured with special presence at the fair; the opportunity for the public to discover an area of literature and authors that are lesser-known throughout the world. This fair is also a symbol of innovation, quality literature, and open-mindedness.
For this 2013 edition, 90 authors will be present, of which 30 are French
Around 1,200 publishing houses expected to be represented!
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Parisdrive drives you to the Exhibition Centre of Paris at the Paris Book Fair 2013
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