Siegfried Wagner opera

From 03/21/2013 to 04/15/2013 at 00:00

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Wagner opera Richard Wagner portrait Once upon a time there was… Siegfried, the man who knew no fear. His mother Sieglinde, on her deathbed, entrusted her son to Mime the blacksmith, who raised him in the dark depths of the forest. Mime knew fear, in fact he knew it very well. He was afraid of his own shadow, of animals too, and of Fafner the dragon who slept fitfully in a nearby cave over a bed of treasure…
Above all, Mime was afraid of Siegfried, the strange and impossibly-powerful youngster constantly bubbling with energy. Despite all his skills at the forge, Mime could not repair Notung, a sword that Sieglinde had given him along with her child.
Breaking every rule and tradition in the blacksmith's book, Siegfried managed the impossible by rebuilding the mighty sword. Armed with an invincible weapon, the valiant Siegfried entered the dark cavern to slay the dragon, making off with Fafner's treasure.
The dragon's blood had magical properties and Siegfried, splattered during the battle, developed the ability to understand the forest birds. The birdsong led him to a rock formation surrounded by a wall of flame, and on this rock lay a beautiful woman, asleep, awaiting a hero, her saviour…
It is then, at this moment of truth, that Siegfried finally knew what is was to be afraid…

By Richard Wagner
Direction: Günter Krämer
With: Torsten Kerl, Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke, Egils Silins, Peter Sidhom
Orchestra of the Paris Opera
Musical direction: Philippe Jordan
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