The Valkyrie opera

From 02/17/2013 to 03/10/2013 at 00:00

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The Valkyrie opera The Valkyrie is an opera by Richard Wagner which premiered on 26th June 1870 at the National Theatre in Munich. The opera deals with the subjects of humanity, personal responsibility, self-fulfilment and the all-powerful gods. Following The Rhine Gold, the prologue, the Valkyrie plunges us into the Ring adventure: with gods who are tired of their responsibilities, and heros who are manipulated, yet perhaps freer than their creators, this world is at the end of an era. Only love seems to be able to triumph: the love between Seglinde and Siegmund, and the love that Wotan has for his beloved daughter, Brünnhilde… But here still there are too many constraints. Wagner, the revolutionary who played an active part in the May Uprising in Dresden, could only hope to call into question the absurd rules of a castrated society. In praise of disobedience, The Valkyrie reflects on the conditions for renewal and even on the possibility of foreseeing a better world. The adventure is far from over…

Produced by Günter Krämer
With: The Orchestra of the Opéra National de Paris
Conducted by Philippe Jordan
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Parisdrive drives you to the Opéra National de Paris to discover The Valkyrie by Richard Wagner.
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