Terms and conditions

The Contract includes the present general terms of sale, the privacy policy, the booking forms, and the price lists, which are an integral part and form an indivisible whole; the set is below called the "Contract". The Contract is applicable between the customer, below called "Client" and Parisdrive, reachable via the online contact form.
1 - Object
The purpose of this Contract is to define the formalities applying to the transport services, offered by Parisdrive to the Client. Any use of the services is subordinated to the respect of the contract by the Client, this one is deemed to have noted and accepted the present general terms and conditions of sale.
2 - Services supplied by Parisdrive
For an amount defined in the pricing list and as described on the website, Parisdrive offers:
  • Transfers from and to Parisian airports and stations,
  • Day trips around Paris and in French provinces,
  • Travels to European cities,
  • Overall all chauffeured car services.
3 - Booking instuctions
The booking of a vehicle with driver by the Client will constitute knowledge and acceptance of these present general terms of sale.
3.1 - Booking forms
To book a service offered by Parisdrive, the Client may complete the online form, and then confirm the online booking on Parisdrive.com by copying out the confirmation code. A payment request is then returned by email to the Client to finalize his booking. If a lack of information appears in the booking of a chauffeured service, Parisdrive sends to the Client an email in order to complete and finalize your booking.
3.2 - Payment instructions
In order to finalize a booking, the Client receives a payment request emitted by Parisdrive via e-mail. This payment request consists of an invoice sent by e-mail to the Client, who will be kindly ask to pay by card on a secure page the total amount of his booking. A booking is taken into account only upon receipt of the whole payment of the service by Parisdrive.
3.3 - Voucher
A voucher is sent to the Client by e-mail once the payment of the service has been received by Parisdrive. This voucher contains transportation details: the full name of the Client, the pick-up date and time, as well as the given vehicle type. This voucher has to be shown by the Client to the driver.
3.4 - Pick up point
The pick-up point for transfers, excursions or any releasing of a vehicle with driver may be the place of residence or the hotel where the Client is staying, a restaurant or any other place in Paris or bordering suburb agreed by both parts parties.
4 - Client's obligations
4.1 -Traffic regulation
The driver remains master of the vehicle and complies with the current traffic regulation. The Client should not under any circumstances ask the driver to infringe the applicable traffic regulations. Seat belt wearing is compulsory for front and rear passengers in France. Any Client who offends this will expose himself to a fine at his expense.
4.2 - Luggage
The number of luggage is limited to the capacity of load of the vehicle. It must be reasonable and should not cause discomfort neither for the driver nor for one or several passengers while driving..
5 - Measures according to the performance
5.1 - Transfers
5.1.1 - Schedules
It is the responsibility of the Client to foresee enough time to join the airport or the station wished. The Client has to take into account distance and traffic. Parisdrive excludes its responsibility of a possible delay upon the arrival of the transfer. If the Client needs some advice on the necessary time to join the airport/station, Parisdrive does not engage its responsibility in case of late arrival of the transfer.
5.1.2 - Price increases
5.1.2.A - Driver waiting time
A forty-five minutes waiting time is included in the transfer price of flight/train arrival. This waiting time enables the Client to go out of the airport/station with his luggage and to find his Parisdrive driver. Beyond these 45 minutes, a supplement of 60 euros will be added to the hour charged. These fees cover the time of immobilization of the vehicle with driver and the possible expenses of car park. The waiting time beyond 45 minutes will be prorated to the time spent: ¼ hour: € 15, ½ hour: € 30, ¾ hour: € 45, 1 hour: € 60, 1 hour ¼: € 75, so on and so forth. Example: flight or train of Client is due to arrive at 12:00 pm:
  • Case #1: Client is picked-up by the driver before 12:45 pm: Client pay the initial transfer price without additional charge.
  • Case #2: Client is picked-up at 1:15 pm: €30 will be added to the initial transfer price.
5.1.2.B - Night time schedules
Transfers for flights due to arrive between 10 p.m and 7 a.m will lead to a 20% increase on the initial cost.
5.1.2.C - Sundays
On Sundays, transfers’ price is subject to a € 10 increase on the initial cost.
5.1.2.D - Public Holiday
On legal public holidays in France, transfers are subject to a 20% increase in addition on the initial price of the transfer. For information, French legal holidays are:
Celebrations 2020 2021
New Year Wednesday 1st January Friday 1st January
Easter Monday Monday 13th April Monday 5th April
Labor Day Friday 1st May Saturday 1st May
Victory in Europe Day (8th May 1945) Friday 8th May Saturday 8th May
Ascension Day Thursday 21st May Thursday 13th May
Whit Monday Monday 1st June Monday 24th May
National holiday Tuesday 14th July Wednesday 14th July
Assumption Tuesday 15th August Wednesday 15th August
All Saints' Day Saturday 1st November Sunday 1st November
1918 Remembrance Day / Veterans Day Wednesday 11th November Thursday 11th November
Christmas Friday 25th December Saturday 25th December

In Alsace-Moselle only, two additional public holidays are taken into account:

Celebrations in Alsace-Moselle 2020 2021
Good Friday / Holy Friday Friday 10th April Friday 2nd April
St. Stephen's Day Saturday 26th December Sunday 26th December

Is a holiday in the overseas departments and regions of France, the day commemorating the abolition of slavery. So are officially recognized public holidays:

Overseas territories of France Commemoration dates
French Guiana 10th June
Guadeloupe 27th May
Martinique 22nd May
Mayotte 27th April
Réunion 20th December
Saint Barthélemy 9th October
Saint Martin 27th May
5.1.2.E - Vehicle types
Prices are valid for a Mercedes-Benz E-Class or equivalent -Audi A6 and A7, BMW 5 Series, Citroën C6, van passengers... For a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or equivalent -Audi A8, BMW 7 Series..., a 50% surcharge is applied.
5.2 - Day trips
5.2.1 - The price displayed on our website includes:
  • The round-trip: rent of the vehicle with driver, fuel and toll fees.
  • The waiting time of the driver during the visit.
5.2.2 - The price displayed does not include:
  • The price of admission tickets to center of interests.
  • Guide fees. The prices of admission ticket displayed on Parisdrive website are given for information purposes and are subject to seasonal and annual variations.
6 - Payment
All prices referenced in our pricing lists and are in Euros (€) and VAT included.
6.1 - Online payment terms
The solution of online payment by card set up on Parisdrive.com is totally reliable and secure. So, Parisdrive collects no information relative to the Client's account ID. A participation of the Client in the banking charges applies for every payment. This 3,5% contribution is in addition to the prices indicated in the price list. Example: for a service which worth €100, the Client will pay €100 + 3,5%, that is €103,50.
6.2 - Gratuities
Gratuities are at the Client's discretion. Drinks and other optional services may be available upon request in the vehicle.
7 - Confirmation, modification and booking cancellation
The Client has to make sure that the e-mail sent from Parisdrive.com will not be treated as a spam in order to receive all the information of confirmation, modification or of cancellation.
7.1 - On the initiative of the Client
It belongs to the Client to inform Parisdrive of a modification or cancellation of a booking by email with a return receipt.
7.2 - On the initiative of Parisdrive
It belongs to Parisdrive to inform the Client of any price or schedule modification or cancellation before the planned pick-up date, by email or phone if this one had been communicated by the Client. If this cancellation is due to Parisdrive, the Client will be refunded of the amount of the service paid.
8 - Refund policy
Any service of transportation which would not have been cancelled by the Client at the latest 24 hours of the planned pick-up time (Paris local time) is due even if the service has not been performed. Please note that the refund will be credited on the same credit card used for the payment by the Client and only applies to the cost of the service; card transaction fees incurred by Parisdrive are consequently not refunded. Except in Case of force majeure and duly justified, the rates of refund declined below are made according to the reception of the cancellation date and/or the time (Paris local time) from the Client by Parisdrive:
  • Until 7 days before the planned pick-up date: 100% of the amount of the service is refunded,
  • Till 72 hours before the planned pick up time: 75% of the amount of the service is refunded,
  • Till 48 hours before the planned pick up time: 50% of the amount of the service is refunded,
  • Till 24 hours before the planned pick up time: 25% of the amount of the service is refunded,
  • Less than 24 hours: no refund.
9 - Quality of service
Parisdrive is working to ensure a satisfactory transport service to its Clients. However, no additional compensation shall be due to the Client in case of Parisdrive obligations non-respect in these cases:
  • On the decision of Client,
  • Case of force majeure (absolute necessity).
10 - Applicable law
This present contrat is governed by French law (more information at paragraph 8 - Applicable Law in the privacy policy).