Thoiry zoo with chauffeur-driven car

Go on safari at zoo & park of Thoiry

The zoo of Thoiry is a real haven of peace for several wild animal species of African and rest of the world origins. Through a eight kilometers (5 miles) safari by car with driver, you will have the pleasure to discover and to observe whole herds living freely and far from any threat. Thus, you will have the possibility to admire animals (elephants, rhinoceros, lions, zebras, bisons and so many others) evolving according to their deep nature.
Your visit will be also as pleasant as cultural discovering botanical gardens and the castle of Thoiry, built during the Renaissance and which has kept all its brightness.


Go to Thoiry zoo by car with driver

This excursion includes the chauffeured car hire to the zoo and park of Thoiry:

departure destination
In the morning 1 Thoiry zoo & park
number of passengers
1 to 8
the price includes not included in the price
The round trip 2
Chauffeured safari 3
The admission charge
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(1) At the place of your choice in Paris and bordering suburb
(2) In the afternoon at the place of departure or of your choice in Paris and bordering suburb
(3) One hour of chauffeured safari is included in the price.
On request: the driver remains at your disposal near the resort: an extra: 45 per hour.