Heritage of Burgundy with chauffeur-driven car

Vézelay, the eternal hill

Burgundy detains a rich and varied heritage. Thanks to this excursion, you will discover the hill and the Vézelay abbey, known as basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine and classified Unesco world heritage. On the way of St. James, the pilgrims still even pass there from March till October. The Basilica St. Marie Magdalene is the Mecca of the Roman architecture and sculpture, which conserves relics of the saint.
The medieval Castle of Bazoches is located near Vézelay and welcomed kings Philipp II Augustus and Richard the Lionheart heading for the third crusade. It was bought by Vauban, precursor of the Enlightenment intellectuals, who lived there. His descendants still live in the castle.
You will also discover the vineyards of Chablis, turned into white wine.

Stop 1
Located in one of the most beautiful villages of France, the Vezelay basilica is a masterpiece of the Burgundy Romanesque art both by its architecture and by its capitals and its sculptured tympanum. The basilica welcomes since the XIth century Saint Marie - Madeleine's relics and became, since then, the Mecca of Christianity pilgrimage.

Stop 2
The medieval castle of Bazoches, which was built during the 12th century, presents an architecture consisting of four towers and a dungeon surrounding an inner courtyard. The château is located midway up a wooded hill and offers a perfect view on the mountainous massif of Morvan. This Château was the property of the lords of Bazoches and was acquired in 1675 by the Marechal of Vauban.

Stop 3
The exceptional white wine of Chablis, the result of the vineyards of Chablis, is a world-famous designation which makes dream lots of wine drinkers. The winegrowers’ know-how of Chablis has given to its taste an unrivalled reputation of excellence.


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