Shopping trips with chauffeur-driven car

Paris, capital of lifestyle

Discover and take advantage of the various French lifestyle pleasures. You will not resist these attractive shop windows which invite you to discover or rediscover a typically French quality of life by awakening your senses.
Luxury clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, leather store, decoration, art and antiques…
Enjoy the refinement of an infinite choice of distinguished products and styles and yield to sparkling ideas made in Paris.
In department stores or at creators, during trade shows or directly at retailers, shopping is an essential stage of your stay in Paris.

Conceive your own shopping trip and let you drive to Parisian boutiques doorstep:

departure destination
Time, places and boutiques of your choice 1
one-way trip round trip
60 120
shopping trip
The driver accompanies you to your shopping trip
waiting time and route: 100 per hour
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